Welcome to Tara Group International, Inc.
Tara Group is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based software consultancy specializing in Multi-Tier, Client-Server, Desktop and Internet applications for medium sized and large businesses.
  • All our applications for .NET are developed with scalability as the first priority. We don't tie ourselves to a single platform, developer tool or a specific backend database server. We support a variety of SQL engines such as Microsoft SQL, Embarcadero Interbase.
  • We understand the key .NET technologies for ADO.NET and ASP.NET and can help your business build or support a robust application framework for the future.
  • We are active in Pittsburgh's .NET Community and participate in sessions hosted by Microsoft. Our team members are active participants in the Pittsburgh .NET Users Group.
  • Our programming languages of choice for .NET are C# and Object Pascal, we also have experts in VB.NET and have been very active with Borlands initiative to port Borland
  • Delphi and Object Pascal to the .NET framework
  • We specialize in data exchange between Delphi and .NET platforms using XML using Borland MIDAS technology, WebSnap Web Services or simply using the ASP.NET based Web Services
We offer very competitive rates for on-site or off-site development.
Contact us for your Delphi and .NET development needs at